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Thanks to the Govt funded RBI rollout (rural broadband initiative), we can offer high-speed broadband services to customers in RBI wireless coverage areas throughout New Zealand, connecting customers to the internet with great pricing and broadband connection speeds.

Our offers are designed for customers in all regions of NZ. As long as there is coverage in your area, we can provide the service.
The RBI technology is carried on the nationwide 3G & 4G network

Prices include GST

Capped plans

RBI Standard

  • Data Usage : 120GB
  • Install Fee : from $99
  • Contract Terms : 12 or 24 months terms
  • 3G/4G Speeds
$99/ month

RBI Ultimate

  • Data Usage : 200GB
  • Install Fee : from $99
  • Contract Terms : 12 or 24 months terms
  • 3G/4G Speeds
$159/ month

Prices include GST

Unlimited Off Peak Plans

RBI Standard (Unlimited Off Peak Data)

  • Data Usage : 120GB (Peak) Unlimited (Off Peak*)
  • Install Fee : from $99
  • Contract Terms : 12 or 24 months terms
$129/ month

RBI Ultimate (Unlimited Off Peak Data)

  • Data Usage : 200GB (Peak) Unlimited (Off Peak*)
  • Install Fee : from $99
  • Contract Terms : 12 or 24 months
$189/ month

* Off peak hours are from 12am to 5pm each day

If you do go over your allocated data cap, you will be prompted to add a top-up to your plan.

Top ups prices

  • 20GB top-up = $30.00
  • 50GB top-up = $65.00
  • 100GB top-up = $115.00

Add Calling to RBI

Please Note: RBI Voice lines use the internet to carry their signal and so are not guaranteed to be 100% available. If you have medical, security or other needs that require this level of service, please check with us first.

Prices include GST

RBI VoiceRBI Voice & Voicemail
Local CallingLocal Calling IncludedLocal Calling Included
National CallsCapped Calling for National CallsCapped Calling for National Calls
Caller IDYesYes
Voicemail OptionNoYes
Additional Calling Bundles on requestYesYes
PriceAdditional $20 / monthAdditional $30 / month

Call Rates for Voice Service can be found here

We can carry existing phone numbers across to RBI Voice plans – please contact us to discuss before notifying any existing line providers.

RBI Voice / Voice & Voicemail require an active RBI data plan.

RBI connections provide for 1 voice phone line only and a single analogue telephone connection (only one socket provided on the modem; extra extensions can be connected but will incur wiring and callout costs).

Contract term options and early termination charges

Contract TermConnection FeeTime RemainingEarly Disconnect Fee
24 months$99More than 12$249
Self InstallLess than 12$119
12 Months$149Less than 12$119
Self Install
Open Term$249N/AN/A
Self Install

If an external antenna is required install costs begin at $399.

RBI Standard Install

Please note:

  • Speeds are subject to environmental factors such as location, line-of-site, noise/interference.
  • 1GB is calculated as 1024MB.
  • Installation cost depends on stock availability, location and building type.
  • Equipment remains the property of Velocitynet unless otherwise stated.
  • Pricing includes GST