Because every installation is different, we design the installation to suit your particular requirements.
Generally, a new installation is around $399.00 +GST. All equipment remains the property of VelocityNet.
If your location already has the required network equipment, the connection fee will be $99.00 + GST plus any repair fee if required.
Travel expenses are generally not incurred. However, in some instances, this may be necessary.
Depending on the particular environment for your installation, additional equipment may be needed. This will be discussed before any installation begins, usually when the signal test is carried out.

Signal Tests

Signal tests are generally FREE call us to arrange one

Prices include GST

Available Plans

Free Speed – 40

  • Data Usage : 40GB
  • Download Speed : Unthrottled**
  • Static IP Address : Free
$70/ month

Free Speed – 80

  • Data Usage : 80GB
  • Download Speed : Unthrottled**
  • Static IP Address : Free
$85/ month

Free Speed – Unlimited

  • Data Usage : Unlimited
  • Download Speed : Up to 50Mbps
  • Static IP Address : Free
$120/ month

* Speeds are the maximum that can be obtained. Actual speeds may vary based on network load and the location of the content.

** Unthrottled means as fast as your connection can go

Excess data on Capped Plans:

When you join us, you may already know what data level you require. However, in most instances, we find this is not the case. Initially, we will monitor your data use to establish a data cap that you are comfortable with, and then amend your plan to suit.
With our Capped Plans, if you do go over your cap, you will be prompted to renew your plan, which should cost half of your current plan price.