Emergency 111 access for vulnerable customers

VelocityNet residential telephone services utilise “VoIP” (voice-over-Internet-phone) type regardless of your broadband connection type and as such will normally go offline with power disruptions.

From February 2021 under new regulations from the NZ.Govt, consumers now have new rights.

A Vulnerable Person may apply to VelocityNet, for support in providing a more robust connection that will provide emergency call access for up to 8 (eight) hours in the case of power disruption where no other alternative means of contacting 111 is available (e.g. there is no cellphone/mobile coverage, there is no copper landline available to the property).

This extra power protection will be provided to enable extra ‘runtime’ on a basic VelocityNet telephone installed directly to the first network access point on the property.  Additional owner-controlled network elements (relays, repeaters) or non-standard telephone devices (cordless phones, alarms, etc.) are beyond VelocityNet control and so remain the responsibility of the customer.

Application for this new ‘vulnerable user’ status can be:

  • Directly from the account holder themselves.
  • Via a nominated authorised person acting on behalf of the account holder.
  • For a designated non account-holder member of the household

For all types of users the application can be for a temporary event/period and/or an ongoing basis (subject to annual review).

Please refer to the application form below for more specifics about the application process and examples of who could meet the criteria for this new service level:

Customers who wish to register as/on behalf of a vulnerable user should use this form and either:

so we can progress their application. (If necessary we can provide paper copies of the application form once provided an address verbally; please contact us directly if you are having any problems completing your application so we can help.)

Please note:

  • Applicants authorise VelocityNet to contact any nominated person(s) on their behalf to discuss/confirm their application and any renewal(s).
  • Successful applications will still be subject to a statutory annual review, reporting & information retention requirements.
  • Any equipment/services VelocityNet provides under a ‘vulnerable person’ declaration:
    • are solely for emergency services / 111 access via VelocityNet VoIP connections, and not any other use (as this will diminish the coverage period, and will be beyond VelocityNets control)
    • are supplied as-is suitable for a typical VelocityNet installation – any consequential changes (eg extra wiring, relocations, modifications etc) will remain the customers responsibility
    • will be provided to the entry point of the VelocityNet services onto a property; VelocityNet does not control or will not be responsible for covering additional network elements provided by the customer (relay links, repeaters, cordless phones, medical alarms)
    • remain the property of VelocityNet and are to be promptly returned when the declaration ceases effect (replacement due to damage will be at customers cost)
    • not to be modified or have their installation/cabling changed without VelocityNet authorization since this will likely affect the coverage period provided
    • will be provided on condition of VelocityNet access with reasonable notice to review the installation effectiveness (as required to confirm we are meeting our obligations under the 111 Vulnerable User Code)
    • will  be treated with reasonable care according to VelocityNet instructions when in use (especially mains cabling and ventilation)
  • Since the telephone service is being provided as VoIP (requiring Internet access), customers must maintain a current suitable data plan with VelocityNet to provide this Internet access.
  • Both parties have rights and obligations under the 111 Contact Code, subject to a dispute resolution process  – please refer to the Guidance sections at the end of the Application Form for details.