Home Phone Pricing

We use a technology called VoIP or Voice Over IP to deliver your telephone line over your internet connection. To allow your existing telephone to work, you may require a device called an ATA. We can supply one of these configured for your phone from $90.

This allows you to connect up to 2 analog telephones to your Internet line. We can also arrange to have a technician connect the ATA to the existing telephone wiring in your house so you can connect your phone/s to any jack-point in your house. This is charged at an hourly rate.
We can also usually move your existing phone number from your current provider to the new line. Please discuss the process with us before organising any account closures.

Please Note: VoIP technology uses the internet to carry its signal, and so is not guaranteed to be 100% available. If you have medical, security or other needs that require this level of service, please check with us first.

Prices include GST

Home BasicHome Standard
Local Phone Number1 Local Phone Number1 Local Phone Number
Free Local Minutes2000 Minutes6000 Minutes
National And International Minutes250 Minutes500 Minutes
NZ Mobile Minutes0 minutes50 minutes
Caller IDYesYes
Call WaitingYesYes

All our home phone plans come bundled with calling to New Zealand and many International Destinations. Standard calling rates to NZ Mobiles are 32 cents per minute.
Calls are charged at a minimum of 1 minute, otherwise, as time used.

International Destinations

Mobile Add-ons

Prices include GST

For international mobile calls, refer to International Destinations above.

Mobile 50Mobile 100Mobile 200
NZ Mobile Mintues50 Minutes100 Minutes200 Minutes
Additional Minutes32 cents / minute32 cents / minute32 cents / minute