Business DSL Internet

If you are currently unable to obtain a new UFB (Fibre) connection because of your location, Velocitynet might be able to supply a VDSL/ADSL connection for your business. Speeds on this service range from 5Mbps to 50Mbps depending on the service available at your location.

Prices exclude GST

Available Plan

VDSL/ADSL Unlimited

  • Data Usage : Unlimited
  • Download Speed : Up to 50Mbps*
  • Upload Speed : Up to 10Mbps*
  • Static IP Address : Free on request
$91.30/ month

* Speeds are the maximum that can be obtained. Actual speeds may vary based on network load and the location of the content.

Contract term options and early termination charges

Contract TermConnection FeeTime RemainingEarly Disconnect Fee
24 monthsFreeMore than 12$216.52
Less than 12$103.48
12 Months$86.09Less than 12$103.48
Open TermBYO* or buy one at $219.52N/AN/A

* Velocitynet can configure your router, depending on the model. However, we may not be able to provide ongoing support. Velocitynet reserves the right to provide a router where applicable.