iPad-iPhone Email Setup

Setting up an Iphone or Ipad
We do not provide telephone support for setting up ipads, tablets or cellphones.
You can print this page and take it to your local IT people or the sales staff where you purchased your device if you have any issues.

1) Tap Settings
2) Tap Mail Contacts Calendars
3) Tap Add Account
4) Tap Other
5) Tap Add Mail Account
6) Enter the following information when asked:

Name Your Name
Email Address Your email address
Password Obtain by calling 03-218-4489 if you dont know it
Description Your email address
Tap IMAP  leave it on imap
Incoming hostname imap.velocitynet.co.nz
Incoming Username Your full email address
Incoming Password Your email address password
Outgoing hostname smtp.velocitynet.co.nz
Username Your full email address (not optional)
Password Your email address password (not optional)
7) Your account will appear in the list. Tap it to edit the settings
8) Tap “SMTP smtp.velocitynet.co.nz > “
under the outgoing mail server section
9) Tap smtp.velocitynet.co.nz   ON >
under the primary server section
10) Check Switch Use SSL to ON
11) Check the Server Port is set to 587 or 465
12) Tap DONE
Full Setup complete
Press the home button and open the mail app to see your email