Home Phone

We use a technology called VoIP or Voice Over IP to deliver your telephone line over your internet connection. To allow your existing telephone to work you will require a device called an ATA we can supply one of these configured for your phone at a cost of $68 + gst

This allows you to connect up to 2 telephones to your line. We can also arrange to have a technician connect the ATA to the existing Telephone wiring in your house to allow you to connect your phone/s to any jack-point in your house. This is charged at an hourly rate.

You can also Purchase a new VoIP Cordless phone for $115 + gst and extra handsets at $99 + gst each

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All our home phone plans come with Calling to New Zealand and a number of International Destinations Click Here to see this list. Some calls to mobiles are Included with the Home Standard and Advanced Plans. Standard calling rates to Mobiles are 19 cents per minute