Fibre FAQ

Standard Installation

Sign up on a 24 month contract and we’ll do this for free. There’s also a no-contract option which costs $199 for the installation, you can supply your own modem or we will supply a Fibre Modem for an additional cost of $249.00. The standard fibre installation should suit most New Zealand homes, and requires a Technician from your Local Fibre Company to carry out work at your house. They will make sure you understand what’s required and won’t start any work unless you’re happy with what’s proposed. It includes all the work needed to connect your home to the fibre running down the street. This includes: Installing the fibre cable from the street through to your home (up to 200m of cabling from roadside curb to house) Installing and connecting the necessary equipment outside and inside the home (shown in the diagram below) Making sure the fibre service is running and disconnecting the copper broadband The Local Fibre Company staff will do their best to minimise any impact on grassed areas and if hard surfaces are affected, they will be resealed.


Non- standard installation

You’ll need this if your house is more than 200 m from the Fibre access point on the street. Or if you decide to install your fibre modem in a different place from the ONT and need additional wiring as a result. The Local Fibre Company staff will let you know if your place needs a non- standard installation and what that’s likely to cost.

How fast are the Ultra Fibre plans

•Fibre 30/10 has the ability to deliver up to 30mbps downstream and 10mbps upstream.

•Fibre 100/50 has the ability to deliver up to 100mbps downstream and 50mbps upstream.

•Fibre 100/100 has the ability to deliver up to 100mbps downstream and 100mbps upstream.

What if I have a Monitored Alarm, Eftpos or SKY TV?

We have interfaces that can accommodate all of these devices

How does scheduling my installation work?

We will submit your desired appointment date and time to Local Fibre Company who will perform the installation. If this date/time is not possible we will let you know and request a new appointment. The installer usually arrives between 8am and 11am and you will need to be home on the day you choose.


What Fibre plan is right for me?

Most homes are accommodated successfully on the Ultra Fibre 30 plan and many small to medium businesses can operate on this speed as well.If however it proves too slow we can of course increase your speed.


Who are the Local Fibre Companies?

There are four Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) rolling out fibre across New Zealand: Chorus, North Power, Ultra-Fast Fibre, and Enable. In Southland it is Chorus


Can you tell me a little more about what impacts speed?

The Fibre network, like broadband over ADSL, is shared with other properties within your Local Fibre Company (LFC) and Retail Service Provider (RSP) networks. Speeds will vary depending on how many people are on the network at the same time both in your house and in general on the Internet. This is also true for overseas networks when accessing content, such as websites or streaming video. Content such as web pages and videos are stored on ‘content servers’ so you can access them via your internet connection. Content servers within New Zealand and overseas can reduce the rate (bandwidth) at which you access their content (for instance, when they are very busy), this affects the time it takes to download content and thus your speed. If connecting via a WiFi modem, the connection can be impacted by environmental factors like other wireless devices in the house (such as mobile or digital phones) and even your neighbours’ Wi-Fi connection. The speed capacity of the devices you are connecting with may be a limitation, for instance the age of their WiFi adapter Other hardware and software components can also limit the processing of bandwidth and thus your speed. The most reliable connection and faster speeds will be achieved by connecting devices directly to your modem via high-speed Ethernet wiring instead of using Wi-Fi.


Preparing for Fibre

If you live in an area that already has (or soon will have) fibre installed, and you’re keen on getting it connected at your place, it’s important to consider a few things before you sign up.


The Street

First, the ‘Local Fibre Company’ (LFC) in your area needs to have finished laying the Fibre. In Southland Downers act as the Chorus Contractor. If you live outside of Southland there may be a different LFC for your area. Christchurch have Enable Networks for example.


Your Property

Once you’ve decided you’d like to have Fibre installed, a new cable needs to be run from the street to your home or business. If it’s possible, the LFC will use existing pipes to your property but if they can’t do that, a new pipeline may have to be laid. Find out more under installation.

Connecting your property

Once at your home, the fibre cable will connect to an ‘Optical Network Terminal’ (ONT). Your modem will connect to the ONT. Once installed, the ONT cannot be easily moved around your property as the Fibre will be connected directly onto it. If you are renovating or building, give us a call and we’ll arrange someone to come and have a look for you.


Speed at your property

We work hard to ensure our broadband service has the optimal speeds available and that they are consistent throughout the day. Your connection speed determines how quickly you can access content over the internet.


Existing Equipment at your property

If you currently have equipment at your property that uses the internet (such as alarm systems, faxes and medical alarms), you will need to ensure they can work over a new fibre connection. We are already working on fibre products that will make it easier for existing equipment to run over fibre.