What about a Telephone

Firstly:  Please DO NOT cancel your existing telephone service until we have made the necessary arrangements


                This is very important if you wish to keep your existing phone number

Secondly  this will sound flippant but forget everything you knew about your old phone.
When connected to Velocitynet’s VoIP service,
                             your existing telephone will inherit many new features

  • True Caller ID with a reverse user lookup*(Will display the Name of the Caller even when not in your call list)
  • Call waiting with a difference
  • Need more than one line?  maybe 2 or 3 that’s up to you.
  • Multiple simultaneous calls can happen on our service to your home
  • Working from home? your office line can ring at your home for the day.
  • Your Mobile phone can become an extension of your home phone

Visit our website for Domestic Plans and if your needs are more Business Related

We Can customise your phone to do some pretty amazing stuff.