Subdivision Information The Process

Velocitynet is currently undertaking work in the following subdivision areas.

Homestead Bay, Wakatipu

Pukerangi, Queensberry

Myross Bush, Invercargill
From Retreat Road to McIvor Road
This installation is on a public road

At each of these locations Velocitynet is installing Fibre to the Home  (FTH).

Just as in town Velocitynet will install Fibre to your Boundary as part of the development.

From your boundary to your home,Velocity will carryout this work for you,
or more commonly with your Electrician or Entertainment Installer.

If you are building a new home as is likely we would recommend that the duct from
the Boundary into your home be continuous and rise through the floor into the wall cavity
and then to your entertainment distribution cabinet. This will allow us to install your fibre
in a continuous run from the Point of Interconnect (POI) into your modem. No external connection box.


What do you need to do

  • Give us a Call
  • Drop us an Email
  • Come & see us
  • We’ll come & see you.

Any or all options we welcome your contact.

For subdivisions if you have a resident’s Assn. or group and would like to discuss things in a group situation Give me a call I’ll make myself available.

Here’s a link to a page that further explains  how it all happens      How it Happens