RBI Standard Install

Our standard installation prices include…

Mount a standard radio receiving Yagi antenna on an existing aerial pole on a low pitch single story rooftop.

Running up to 15m of cable to connect the antenna to the router,
– cables are fitted in a secure manner
– cables are fitted either inside or outside the building as required and where possible we will run these inside the wall cavity
– the cable entry point through the roof or wall is sealed to ensure a waterproof entry point.


If any extra parts/labour are required in addition to the items noted we will endeavour, where possible, to provide you with pricing and details of this prior to commencement of the installation.

What do you need to provide…

For us to complete a standard install you will need to have available
– a suitable existing antenna pole (or we can supply one charged as an extra)
– a spare working 240v power outlet.
– if your property is a rented premises then you may need to obtain approval from the building owner for us to install an antenna mounting pole and create a cable entry point into the building.

Hardware Kits…

All Antennas, Wireless Routers and cable required to complete your installation will remain the property of Velocitynet.